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All together a very humorous description of what married life can be like. For all its ups and downs, this marriage does look like it was made in heaven.
-The Small Press Magazine

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About Knight and Day

Knight and Day was my first truly successful comic strip, and remains our flagship title today. The strip had a big following when it first ran on the web, and came close to being syndicated. Steve and Amy appeared on numerous websites, several newspapers, and was chosen by Tribune Media for it's Cutting Edge program.

The entire first run of the strip has been collected in book form in Take Me Away From All This!!, a Knight and Day comic strip collection. It's sequel, 3 Knights in India, ran nationwide in the newspaper India Post, and was collected as my first graphic novel.

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Knight and Day continues today, with new strips appearing regularly both here and at the homepage, with special strips and news being featured at my blog.

The Comic Strips, characters, and original artwork, writing, and designs, including Knight and Day, Oz, and The Inquiring Minds on this site are ©2000-2014 by John W. Steventon. All rights reserved.